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Through our vast experience in the work arena of Middle East, Far East and other international locations, we have learnt the fact that maintaining and operating a team of highly skilled and specialist set of workforce is a very costly affair and many a times it has proved to be uneconomical and resulted in delays in completion of contracts.

In order to find a reasonable solution to this common predicament, we are now maintaining a pool of highly skilled as well as specialist technicians and supervisors in almost all engineering work disciplines. We are providing these services through the Government of India registered recruiting and placement agency for sourcing and engagements of different types of qualified and highly experienced technical, engineering and general category personnel of various skill levels engaged in a variety of production and engineering activities. These personnel can be engaged for either short or long-term engagements depending on the client requirements.

We prepare and present all CV’S, Documents, Certificates etc. of the personnel in accordance with the client requirements and specifications as and when needed. We also provide assistance for sourcing locations for trade testing, certification as well as imparting certain special training and certification requirements specifically required by the clients. All our operations with clients are coordinated through our office in Dubai.


Execution of Steel and Pipe Fabrication and installation jobs on rate contract basis in workshops, on sites as per client requirements and specifications for Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Power generation, Civil & Structural, general fabrication sectors.

We can provide small and Medium sized teams consisting of highly experienced personnel including technicians, supervisors, work preparators, engineers etc. for execution of both specialized and routine jobs for the following varieties of engineering and production activities.

❖ General steel fabrication and installation
❖ Ship building, Ship Repair and conversion
❖ Pressure Vessel Fabrication
❖ Pipe line and piping module Fabrication, Installation, testing and commissioning
❖ Welding of exotic materials, Marine Aluminium Structures
❖ Marine Boiler maintenance and repairs
❖ Hydro and Conventional Blasting, Surface Preparation and Painting
❖ Engine and Deck Machinery Repairs
❖ Electrical Installations, repairs as well as maintenance
❖ Marine Accommodation and outfitting works
❖ Insulation and cladding works
❖ Sheet Metal, Ducting Fabrication and Installation

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