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Marine Tank Cleaning

Our Services Includes : -
❖ High pressure water jet cleaning of petroleum storage tanks of vessel
❖ High pressure water jet cleaning of chemical storage tanks of vessel
❖ De-mucking of sludge from tank bottom
❖ Removal of mud from ballast tanks
❖ Hot work cleaning of fuel oil tanks
❖ Cleaning of Double bottom tanks
❖ Cleaning of Cargo holds
❖ Cleaning of Engine Room bilges
❖ Product change cleaning for product carriers
❖ Leaking container area cleaning for container vessels
❖ Disposal of oily sludge
❖ Disposal of slop/bilges and oily waste water
❖ Disposal of Ballast Mud
❖ Disposal of damaged bulk carrier product
❖ Disposal of non-hazardous waste
❖ Disposal of sewage/gray water
❖ Steam cleaning in bulk cargo vessels and oil tanker ships

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